Wireless Video Door Access - 1 Phone + 1 Camera Kit


The wireless camera need power via a power cable and the UK plug supplied. The monitor also needs power via a power cable and the UK plug supplied. The wireless signal is then sent from the camera to the receiving monitor.


KDB1 Description

1. Our video phones adopt high technology workmanship, advanced camera with protective circle and laser colour printing durable fade and scratch protection. These video phones have a attractive appearance which would compliment any home

2. The outdoor camera adopts a new defence waterproof technology and the highest technical level reached IP55 grade, which will protect the outdoor camera under harsh conditions.

3. The Indoor unit adopts simple and elegant design with good appearance which meets people‚Äôs modern aesthetic ideas, the indoor monitor has 3.5 inch TFT display.

4. The indoor monitor will automatically take 1 photo of the visitor and store when someone presses the outdoor doorbell. So you can check the visitors by the indoor monitor even though you were not at home.

5. The Outdoor camera is equipped with a infra red body sensor system with 4 M detection distance and 90 degree angle. The outdoor camera can automatically sense the visitors and transmit a image to the indoor unit when visitors approach the door. So you can see who the visitors are in advance.

6. The outdoor camera when using night vision can detect from a distance of 1.5 M. So you could clearly see the visitor at night when someone presses the doorbell.

7. One outdoor camera can support up to 3 indoor monitors. All the indoor monitors have intercom function when someone presses the outside doorbell.

8. If anybody attempts to steal the outdoor camera. Both the indoor unit and outdoor camera set off a alarm simultaneously, the camera takes a photograph and transmits it back to the indoor monitor for evidence.